Monday, 12 April 2010


i really hate when im on is the worst feeling that i ever experienced..
1. there are so many books that i have to read to get ready for my quiz or test
extra stress when i have to read all the chapters included for the last minute
OMG..i cant stand for it!!

2. when there are too much assignment need to be submit a.s.a.p
also when i have to stay in front of my lappy typing so much report and make the slides for my presentation
to complete my assignment, i have to surf internet to get enough information for it..
pity on my eyes..its tired already!!!
3. oh stress!! it comes when i cant achieved my target. 
everything that i do i put my target on them.
my dream..and my future..
4.  im on stress when i feel like nobody there for me.
in my life, i need at least one person to be always with me, sharing things that happen in my day
sometimes, i feel lonely because i dont who should i share my feeling
my life
be far away from my family here, get me into stress
i realize that, its better to be there with them..i shouldnt try to avoid them~
Thanks God, i know there are people who really care for me, asking me everything that i feel..
i love you all!!
5. sometimes, be in a relationship also get me in stress.  i feel it when thing are going wrong in our relationship.  i cant stand to attend misunderstanding, jealousy and others that might lead to quarrel. i hate this part! that why i prefer not to have any boyfriend right now.  i not ready for it because i know, i am in the hard time to make my dream come true. i should not about this right now because im not a good person that can overcome stress.  i try to make myself free from stress. God willing:)

Now is the time where i got high level of stress as my final exam is only 1 week left.  and i.. am i ready for it?????

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