Sunday, 9 August 2009

be a learner..

for this weekend, i attended seminar.. a bit tired but i gain many knowledges including about love by paul.. haha.. its sound funny but sometimes what he had said had makes me think, think, and think..
"love is just a word..until someone comes in our life and give us the meaning of love.. this person will completed life that uncomplete.."
in love, we need someone who there to care about us, who always be there in any situation, sharing what is life with us, make us smiles, laugh and even sometimes cry.. loving someone doesnt mean that both of you must be a couple, it is enough for both of you to know that each of you are loving each other.. telling and making the one who you loved knows that you love them is very important. one day you will regret it when you dont do it.. whether they love you too is not the point, loving someone sometimes is not what you want, love comes by itself in our heart.. we cant say no to it.. "when you love something, let it go..if it comes back to you, it's your..if it doesn't, it never was.." never say I love You, if you really dont care..never talk about feelings, if they aren't really there..never hold my hand,if you are going to break my heart..never say that you are going to,if you dont plan to start..never look into my eyes, if all you do is lie..never say hello, if you really mean goodbye..if you really mean forever, then say you will try..never say forever, cause forever makes me cry...

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